“Remember Remember” by Mike Conway (Surrey)

“Remember Remember”

submitted by Surrey resident, Mike Conway


Time will wash away
The memories of yesterday
Of pains given in birth
Or of a parents worth

Walking full of groans
Living with brittle bones
Skin with kidney spots
Dentures kept in plastic pots

Eyes now a milky white
Hearing isn’t just quite right
TV, so, so, crude
Chanting rap music, oh so rude

“When I was young,” repeated themes
Long term memories mixed with dreams
Family gone , reported missing
Sitting in a comfy chair, kettle hissing

Many with a deathly stare
Living in a retirement home somewhere
At least I am not alone
Together we ask, “When are we going home?”

An existence that is treading water
Forgotten by both son and daughter
I guess I will be remembered,(NOT).
By those who have already forgot
I hope a seed of guilt is planted
With my face on a poster headed, “NOT WANTED.”


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