“Remembering How Life Used To Be!” by Elizabeth Wyatt (Surrey)

Remembering How Life Used To Be!

by Surrey resident, Elizabeth Wyatt

“This is a poem I have written myself. I have written it to “remember” a time we have all left behind & has contributed to who we are, in the modern age we now live in. I hope it is an enjoyable read to anyone who reads it & I enjoyed contributing to Poetry In Surrey.”


How did we survive, not so many years ago?

Without a mobile phone, everywhere we go

Our letters went by post, taking many days,

Children played in sunshine, without fear of harmful rays,

We rode around on horse, travelling not too far,

Now, we drive around, in a fabulous high speed car,

A “tablet” was for swallowing, it’s now a top PC,

A “mouse” it had a tail and there was just one type of tea!

But of course we did survive, the truth is this you see,

We fit into our time, the likes of you & me,

We must live for the here and now, it all goes much too fast,

Before we stop to think, our life has almost passed,

So, remember how things were, it’s part of who we are,

But look towards the future, follow the brightest star,

Remembering our past, should enrich our future life,

It’s such a beautiful world, amidst this modern day chaos & strife!


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