‘Less we forget’ by Mike Conway (Surrey)

“Less we forget” by Surrey resident, Mike Conway

Where is the touch of a father
Or hear him say he loves you
Where are the words of comfort
The love for a child over due

War even changes the brave man
His friends fell and die by his side
How can he show love to another
When all his emotions he must hide

The pain of seeing the fallen
The battle just to survive
How can he now love his children
When he couldn’t return to his life

To say the words, “I love you.”
To give a fathers embrace
But that won’t come from the wounded
For love, the war did erase

As heroes they fought and returned
Feeling guilty, that they survive
With broken flesh and their spirit
No poultice to exorcise their cries

Dark dreams and fears that surface
Strong drink to bury the pain
They survived to return home
But never to be the same

A child deserves a fathers true love
War eradicates this from the heart
How do we help to mend them
When we don’t know where to start

Those that survived the bloodshed
Their children won’t understand
Even though they’re with them
They can never walk hand in hand

The tears of a child for their father
Rain down long after his death
For now he is the parent
And comprehends his fathers every breath

So let’s heal the children s future
Let’s cry for the world to have peace
Let’s pray for our world leaders
To make all wars cease


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