‘Jeremy Joe’s search’ by Julie Webb

‘Jeremy Joe’s search’

by Julie Webb

Jeremy Joe went on a mission

to find his friend the new edition,

of his very favourite tome,

on how to decorate his home.

And so about the town he’d roam

to accomplish his commission.


Jeremy, determined not to fail,

explored every shop to no avail.

Surely someone has this book,

there must be somewhere else to look,

(was there another nook?)

He even tried the jumble sale.


Poor Jeremy Joe was full of woe

then! “The library is the place to go”

said a voice with a friendly tone,

“Come join and take the book on loan,

for solving problems they are known”.

But is there any cost? “No, no!”.


So Jeremy overcame his plight,

In fact he became quite erudite;

joining everything he could.

And so his life changed for good,

because he did just as he should –

He joined the library that Spring night.



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