‘Brightness Came’ by Richard B. Callum

‘Brightness Came’

by Richard B. Callum

“The long, sultry lull
ended when
throaty clouds complained
and squeezed the light
to a dim surrender

A moistrous syncopation
strafed me as I ran
glistened where it touched
the flickering channels
of plaited rivulets
entwined and knotted where they met
at every crowded outlet

Rumblous clouds’ rallentando
– grumblous – slunk away
silenced by a word
from the heavenly one
whose haloed spectrum girdled me

– And then the brightness came.”

A great poem written by Surrey resident Richard B. Callum


Submit your favourite #light poem : tell us the title and poet, the first line of the poem or submit your own poem to be published on the blog in the month of October 2015.

Do you find your poem #light rather than heavy? Does it have a #light comedic feel? Are you celebrating the remaining #light of the year before the clocks go back?

NB: Any self written poems will be credited to you unless you specify otherwise. We cannot guarantee which poems will be included but will try to include as many as possible.

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