Burbank Kenning Poems – Based on characters from Alice in Wonderland

Burbank Kenning Poems – Based on characters from Alice in Wonderland

Take a guess at which Alice in Wonderland characters they are describing?White rabbit

Who am I?

“Bone Cruncher

Harsh Beheader

Strange Food

Kingdom Ruler

Croquet Player”


Who am I?

“Cake Eater

Tea Drinker

Riddle Teller

Rule Breaker

Trouble Starter

Hat Maker”

November marks 150 years since Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’ was first published. Surrey Libraries is hosting a number of events to mark the occasion.

Throughout the month we’ll be posting various poems featured in and associated with the story – such as poems about cats (but only if they’re smiling), time or rabbits.

We’d love to hear yours.

NB: Any self written poems will be credited to you unless you specify otherwise. We cannot guarantee which poems will be included but will try to include as many as possible.

Please complete the form below:


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