‘The Branch’ by Peter Jackson

‘The Branch’

by Peter Jackson

“Last Christmas time, out walking after lunch –
I’d had too much to eat and needed air –
Before me on the ground I saw a branch
That had the look of arms held out in prayer.

I stooped to pick it up and thought I heard
A woman’s voice cry ‘Mercy’; yet I knew
That I was quite alone. A single bird
Was startled from a bush; away it flew.

I peeled away the tattered scraps of bark:
The branch was hard as iron yet smooth as cream
And as I held it in the gathering dark
I fell asleep and soon began to dream.

A maiden sadly burdened came toward me
And, sobbing, laid her bundle on the earth.
I bid her show her face, but she ignored me.
‘Twas then I saw that she had given birth.

The child she’d borne was lifeless as a candle
Extinguished by a sudden gust of wind,
And as she piled the leaves upon the bundle
She cried, Forgive me Father, I have sinned.

And, as I watched, she rent her clothes asunder
And lay down naked on the frozen heap.
Oh, how I longed to place my arms around her,
But – though I dreamt – I knew I was asleep.

I woke to find the moon was shining feebly
Upon a mound of earth near where I lay.
I set the branch upon it, pondering deeply
The fate of that poor maid; I knelt to pray:

Forgive her, Lord, if she has sinned and even
If she killed her own beloved child in grief,
Pray find a place for both of them in heaven;
I ask this for the sake of my belief.

And as I stood, a sudden calm descended;
I wiped away the tears that stained my face,
For I knew the poor maid’s misery was ended:
She and her child in heaven would find a place.”

A ghost story written by Surrey resident Peter Jackson

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