‘The Way It Used To Be’ by Bernie Bickerton

‘The Way It Used To Be’

by Bernie BickertonDSCF9120

“I remember
When tweeting was only for birds,
When Kindle was only firewood,
When Windows were only looked through.

I remember
When dating required a meeting,
When Followers walked with Jesus,
When a hundred Friends was a demo.

I remember
When only spiders had a Web,
When only churches had an icon,
When only Hitchcock had Angry Birds.

I remember
When “to pin” was to prepare a hem,
When to Excel was to do well,
and I remember,
when you had a sunny Outlook.”
© B Bickerton

Thank you to Surrey resident, Bernie Bickerton for sending this in.



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2 Responses to ‘The Way It Used To Be’ by Bernie Bickerton

  1. John Burr says:

    I liked the poem. Sadly how true. It is shocking how the English language is being abused and corrupted on an almost daily basis. Example: We gave my grandson a ‘X-Box’ game as a Christmas present. On opening the gift he exclaimed, “Oh God. Sick!”. I was nonplussed saying, “I thought it was what you wanted”. “Granddad”, he says, “That means brilliant!”
    Bernie, there is clearly more material at hand for you to write like poems, to mourn the surrender of the English language to the literary vandals.


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