‘Untitled’ by placeforpoemlovers


by placeforpoemlovers

“Anxiously waiting to be lifted
A store of wisdom says
Pick me up my friend
Become wise and brave
Turn the pages as you go
Leave no chance to screen
Roll your life into unknown desire
Read,read and keep it for ever
Here’ the time to shine bright
With all your gained attire”

Create a poem for National Libraries Day 2016

Saturday 6 February

Do you remember your first visit to the library? Did a helpful member of staff explain the Dewey Decimal system? Perhaps you were enticed by the video rental service? Maybe you’re still planning your first visit? We would love to hear about your first library experience so why not submit a poem to the poetry blog?


There is no prize for the submission, but we would like to publish your poem on the blog. We cannot guarantee which poems will be included but will try to add as many as possible.


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