‘The Cat In The Hat’ by Dr. Seuss

‘The Cat In The Hat’

by Dr. SeussDSCF4821-001

“the sun did not shine.
it was too wet to play.
so we sat in the house
all that cold, cold, wet day.

i sat there with sally.
we sat there, we two.
and i said, ‘how i wish
we had something to do!’

too wet to go out
and too cold to play ball.
so we sat in the house.
we did nothing at all.

so all we could do was to
and we did not like it.
not one little bit.

and then something went BUMP!
how that bump made us jump!
we looked!
then we saw him step in on the mat!
we looked!
and we saw him!
the cat in the hat!
and he said to us,
‘why do you sit there like that?’
‘i know it is wet
and the sun is not sunny.
but we can have
lots of good fun that is funny!’

‘i know some good games we could play,’
said the cat.
‘i know some new tricks,’
said the cat in the hat.
‘a lot of good tricks.
i will show them to you.
your mother will not mind at all if i do.’

then sally and i
did not know what to say.
our mother was out of the house
for the day.

but our fish said, ‘no! no!
make that cat go away!
tell that cat in the hat
you do NOT want to play.
he should not be here.
he should not be about.
he should not be here
when your mother is out!’

‘now! now! have no fear.
have no fear!’ said the cat.
‘my tricks are not bad,’
said the cat in the hat.
‘why, we can have
lots of good fun, if you wish,
with a game that i call
up-up-up with a fish!’…”

You can read the complete poem here. Dr. Seuss or Theodor Seuss Geisel was born on this day in 1904. You can read more of his many works through Surrey Libraries.


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