‘The Healing Power Of Hope’ by Sarah Alvarez

‘The Healing Power Of Hope’

by Sarah Alvarez

“Hope is one of the most precious gifts we have,
It’s like medicine for the soul bringing us comfort when we need it most.

Hope is remembering the times you have overcome difficulties and recalling the happy memories.

Hope is appreciating who you are and focusing on the good in your life.

Hope is to remind yourself whatever your feeling or going through is temporary.

Hope comes in many different guises:

A warm smile,
A loving hug,
An encouraging word,
An inspiring story,
The sun shining on your face.

Hope is sharing your joy and sorrows knowing you are not alone.

Hope is when a situation doesn’t work out having faith you are being directed to something greater.

Hope believes a higher power that loves you beyond words is helping you from behind the scenes.

Hope is to focus not on what is but what could be.

When all looks bleak the tiniest spark of hope is all you need.

Have patience, be gentle with yourself and most importantly keep hope alive in your heart.”

This poem was submitted by Sarah Alvarez as part of October’s Words in Focus competition.


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