‘The Lake’ by Amrit Sahu

‘The Lake’

by Amrit Sahu

“The water is still, calm and serene
A shimmering lake with a sapphire sheen.
Insignificant waves lapping at the rocky shores
A freshwater oasis in the lonely moors.

The craggy rocks are jutting out
It’s full of fish, especially trout.
Reflections of the scenic view
Dark green in between the shades of blue

The duck is swimming so blissfully
A faint silhouette in ebony.
The reeds are swaying in the breeze
Dancing in the wind with graceful ease.

Gentle ripples are swirling across,
The rocks are smothered in emerald moss.
Shadowy foliage hovering above,
Still as a dark and brooding dove.

Stood there I feel a soft spur within
What silent happiness would really mean”

This poem was submitted by Amrit Sahu as part of October’s Words in Focus competition.


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