1st Old Malden Scouts by Matthew Paul


Image by Rick Fueyo from Pixabay

We’re camping near Dorchester in August ’78.
The Pope’s just died. I can’t distinguish reef knots

from sheepshanks; sheet bends from granny knots.
The army surplus tent smells mustier than my new

school’s changing rooms. Four of us pull the guy-ropes
loose, fraying Bagheera’s nerves. She puts us on

latrine-making duty. Heaving buckets of sun-warmed
disinfectant scream a vehement peacock-blue.

Matthew Paul is a local poet, based in Thames Ditton. You can read more of his work at https://matthewpaulpoetry.blog/

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I try very hard and am sometimes right.
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2 Responses to 1st Old Malden Scouts by Matthew Paul

  1. paulunited says:

    I like the opening it punches so kindly and yet so forcefully


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