The collected poems of Murray Lachlan Young now available in Surrey Libraries.

‘How Freakin’ Zeitgeist Are You?’ is the definitive collection of Murray Lachlan Young’s poems from 1994 to the present day. It tracks his career as a writer and performer, from his arrival as a wide-eyed, twenty-something in London, through his sideways look in and around the music, fashion and film businesses, as well as a few observational works from what he now refers to as his ‘Cornwall years’.  


Now available from Surrey Libraries (A small request charge may apply)

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The Beast in the Space by WS Graham


Photo by Nicola

The Beast in the Space

Shut up. Shut up. There’s nobody here.
If you think you hear somebody knocking
On the other side of the words, pay
No attention. It will be only
The great creature that thumps its tail
On silence on the other side.
If you do not even hear that
I’ll give the beast a quick skelp
And through Art you’ll hear it yelp.

The beast that lives on silence takes
Its bite out of either side.
It pads and sniffs between us. Now
It comes and laps my meaning up.
Call it over. Call it across
This curious necessary space.
Get off, you terrible inhabiter
Of silence. I’ll not have it. Get
Away to whoever it is will have you.

You can read the full poem  here and you can find more of Graham’s work here



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The Metamorphosis by Anna Banasiak

The Metamorphosis


life fell apart
in the shade
of being

in silence
I play

in existence

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Our Future Selves – Free Spoken word events in Surrey Libraries

Our future selves1.png

For more information on Daisy Fest click here

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Library Ology by Benjamin Zephaniah

Library Ology


Photo by Stiller Beobachter

I have a date with Su Ling Lee
We’re meeting by the library
At 5 o’clock by history
I’ll show her some mythology
And if we have the energy
We’ll check out some theology
And if there is good chemistry
We’ll dance by musicology

We’ll sail through oceanology
And get some cool lithology
And roundabout psychology
I’ll sweet talk her topology
With science and technology
We’ll have some sociology
And touch each others botany
With organic homoeopathy

To read the full poem click here.

photo by Stiller Beobachter


Click here for more information on National Libraries Week

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The Blue Boat by Kathleen Jamie

The Blue Boat


How late the daylight edges

toward the northern night

as though journeying

in a blue boat, gilded in mussel shell


by Kathleen Jamie

To read the full poem click here

You can find more of her work here

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The Apparition by Herman Melville


Photo by Geoff Llerena

The Apparition 

(A Retrospect)
Convulsions came; and, where the field
Long slept in pastoral green,
A goblin-mountain was upheaved
(Sure the scared sense was all deceived),
Marl-glen and slag-ravine.
The unreserve of Ill was there,
The clinkers in her last retreat;
But, ere the eye could take it in,
Or mind could comprehension win,
It sunk!—and at our feet.
So, then, Solidity’s a crust—
The core of fire below;
all may go well for many a year,
But who can think without a fear
Of horrors that happen so?
Herman Melville was born in 1819 and died on his day in 1891.
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