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25th July is… #humourread

Humouread photo

Will you be reading a novel that makes you laugh out loud or a famous person’s humorous memoirs or watching a comedy series for this month’s Read, Watch, Play.



Tell us your #RWPCHAT poem…

 #rwpchat  – Read Watch Play – a new theme every month

What is Read Watch Play?

Surrey Libraries has become a partner in the online Read Watch Play reading group.

Every month join us and other library services from around the world as we explore a different theme through reading, watching or playing. Spend the month discovering different books and films connected to the theme of the month.

Meet us on Twitter so we can chat about where our journey has taken us this month. Link your tweets with the hashtag #rwpchat and the hashtag of the month.

You’ll find that the themes are very broad and can encompass almost anything. Have a look at the themes coming up for the rest of the year.

Also take a look at Surrey Libraries Read Watch Play Pinterest board and the International Read Watch Play Pinterest boards to see some suggestions.

You can check our own catalogue and DVD page for inspiration too.


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