‘Feeling low, where to go?’ by Sheila Foote

‘Feeling low, where to go?’

by Sheila Foote

Feeling low

where to go?

To my library.


Met with a smile,

Books by the mile,

At my library.


Greeted by name,

So pleased I came,

To my library.


Browsed the new books,

Worth a few looks,

At my library.


The mum’s with their young,

Say story times fun,

At my library.


The old ones like me,

With their creaky old knee,

Sit for a while and exchange the odd smile,

At my library.


Planning a quiz,

Do research for this,

At my library.


Looked at the trolley,

Wished they served coffee,

At my library.


Rain starting to pour,

A rush for the door,

From my library.


Which library you say,

Was so special today,

Great Bookham, My library.


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